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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  October 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at noon. begin with breaking news. the family of a murdered denver's high school teacher has filed a civil lawsuit against the town of danvers, the school department and other businesses. doug: the eagle tribune says colleen rate surpassed family seats no -- seeks no personal compensation. they want compensation to enhance school safety programs and contribute to the legacy of the 24-year-old daughter murdered in 2013 by then 14-year-old student philip
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was monitoring a supposedly state-of-the-art security system when richard was raped and murdered inside danvers high school in 2013. police identifying a teen struck and killed in brockton as this freshman at brockton high school. antoinette: juli mcdonald is live in brockton where she spoke to family and friends about this traumatic loss. juli: the mayor of brockton told newscenter 5 investigators are seeking a would show whether speed was a factor in this crash. today the real focus is on who madio djalo was. this brockton home filled with people and pain as family and friends who loved madio djalo mourned the 14-year-old killed while riding his bike tuesday night. >> at this point no charges have been filed. it is still a very active investigation. juli: a small symbol of love
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where an suv hit the boy just before 7:00. today madio's family is looking for comfort, remembering his qualities that made them so proud. >> a very good boy. very lovely boy. juli: the now freshman came to the u.s. six years ago from ginny. many of madio's relatives still live there. two visiting siblings spent precious moments with her brother over the past few weeks. the family is leaninon and say they will pray for their boy forever. >> we are going to pray for him all the time. all our life we will pray for him. today we are very sad. juli: when he first came to the united states six years ago madio spoke very little english but within a few years he was in normal classes at brockton schools and today his parents had a scheduled appointment after school to move him ahead
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new today at noon a new hampshire man is being held on bail in boston accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from multiple victims in an alleged dating scam. nicole s the farm life for us in boston. nicole: altogether 12 victims, michael j shields accused of -- we learned in court he does not even have a job. shields did plead not guilty. allegations extensive. shields accused of approaching several women after brief relationships telling them he would add them to his credit cards. that's how police say he gained personal information. according to court documents instead he opened them in the women's name. 17 credit cards and total exceeding $350,000. he did not stop there. shields is accused of writing
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and using accounts of acquaintances. shields is being held on $7,500 bail. life in boston. antoinette: a state trooper is recovering after his cruiser was hit by an alleged impaired driver. the wellington t stop in medford just before midnight. the driver, annamaria batista was arrested for operating under the influence it appeared in court today. no one was seriously hurt and additional charges are possible. recovering after being stranded for hours. his rescue, emotional reunion with his wife. video you only see a new center 5. sera congi has new details on the team effort to say that man. sera: a beautiful clear day at crane beach. last night near zero visibility made for a tough search mission for a swimmer who was half a mile out. facing dense fog and limited
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coast guard chopper reeled in the missing swimmer after spotting him in the dark ocean with an infrared camera. after spending four hours in the waters off cranes beach rental hackett set foot on dry land than falling into the arms of believed loved ones. the 58-year-old man safe and sound despite a tough search mission. >> i was very sick initially. less than 50 feet visibility at times. sera: the marine vessel with the ipswitch fire departments one of the many resoues the swimmer. hackett and his son-in-law went at around 5:30 p.m.. riptide separated the two. the young swimmer made it back to shore but hackett was reported missing. >> they are experienced swimmers but i would not recommend -- half hour before nightfall regardless of their experience levels. sera: the fire chief says hackett possible wetsuit that helped potentially delay
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wetsuit probably kept his body heat inside and allowed him to maintain buoyancy for a while. sera: when of the factors that help the search mission and with a happy reunion. antoinette: live pictures over boston right now. some are making a brief return. temperatures in the 70's so close to 80 in boston. cindy: very close to 8in near 80. it's in the 60's. this afternoon, if you like the warm temperatures this is our chance to get out. record in boston today is 84. i think we're going to hold out in the upper 70's to near 80 degrees today. probably falling short and the record is 81 and worcester. temperatures right now are nearing those records that off to the west notice it is cooler. we are running in the lower 70's
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patches of clouds coming out advance of a cold front. the leading edge of cooler less humid air that's going to be working in. started out in the western half of the state in the westerly breeze is going to reach the coast line and bring in cooler air and push down to cape cod. a pleasant afternoon as we are going to see temperatures climb up close to 80. tomorrow, friday, saturday training closer to average. the 70's to near 80. ethically if a shot at 80 down in the suburbs to southwest of boston. coolest out in the western part of the state. if you have plans the rest of the afternoon the sun is sticking with us and wants the sun goes down this evening temperatures drop quickly. how cold it gets tonight in cooler air on the way, coming up in a few minutes. doug: commitment 2016. live pictures from las vegas where just hours from now
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will face off in their final presidential debate to experts predicting explosive exchanges as trump battles slumping pulling numbers. a new national poll by bloomberg giving the democratic nominee a nine point lead. lauren lyster reporting many analysts say tro would need to stage a historic comeback to win the white house. lauren: headlining the biggest show in vegas tonight, hillary clinton and donald trump. the candidates getting ready to face off in their final debate. hammering his message to voters that the election is rigged. >> they have rigged it from the beginning. they even want to try and rig the election at the polling booths lauren:. state boards of election and prominent republicans saying it is not true. president obama jumping in as well. >> it happens to be based on the facts. i would invite mr. trump to stop whining and go try to make his
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controversy. wikileaks e-mails most recently appearing to reveal her campaign chairman organizing possible running mates in rough food groups like latinos and women. clinton arriving in vegas in the midst of debate prep. keeping her off the trail for days. >> you know the debate prep is? it's resting. going to sleep. lauren: clinton's camp insisting into tonight with a lead over trump in the latest national polls. >> he has to have a big victory. she knows running out the clock is what she needs to do. lauren: it all gets started right here just hours from now. the format will be the same as the first debate with six topics , 15 minutes each. we have to wait and see if the candidates forgo a handshake greeting like they did the last time around.
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debate live at 9:00 on channel 5. emily riemer will have live pre-and post debate coverage from las vegas starting on newscenter 5 at 5:00. antoinette: a new poll shows is the election were held today legalizing marijuana for adults in massachusetts would pass. a new wbur polish finds 55% of likely voters support regulating and taxing marijuana for recreational use. only 40% opposed question for on the november ballot. a 5% increase from the past month. of those surveyed about half said they had tried marijuana in their lifetime. that same poll found that the movement to lift the cap on charter schools is losing ground as a legend in years. only 41% of respondents said they would vote yes on question two while 52% opposed the valid question.
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has plateaued with previously undecided voters now moving into the no column. a reminder for you if you are planning to vote in the election . today is your last chance to register. in addition to the presidential race the massachusetts election also includes several congressional and legislative races. voters will decide four statewide ballot questions including those two we mentioned. dougjo fight cancer. he's going to visit the edward m kennedy institute for the u.s. senate later today to talk about the administrative -- the administration is so-called cancer moonshot initiative. voters in riviere have rejected a proposal to bring flood parlors to town. those opposed to the nonbinding referendum won nearly two to one yesterday but the battle is not over. the question will still be on the ballot in november. if approved it would let the
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state. antoinette: four people shot outside a san francisco school. the search for multiple government under way right now. cindy: it is feeling more like summer outside them fall. that is going to change. the big drop in temperatures that is on the way. doug: a firefighter credited with saving his own father's life. a desperate call for help he never expected to get. with maria stephanos and ben simmoneau, on comcast channel 942, verizon 461 and over the
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antoinette: the hunt is on for multiple gunman accused of shooting for students outside a san francisco school yesterday. elizabeth hur reports police are calling this a targeted attack. elizabeth: classes are resuming at the san francisco high school, the scene of a frightening shooting that left four student injured and more terrified. >> it could happen to anyone, not just that student. >> terrifying. elizabeth: gunshots rang out tuesday afternoon just as school was dismissing. many back into the school. >> everyone pushed our desks and we went under to make sure we were safe. >> i thought it was a prank. something was going on. by the look on everyone's faces
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elizabeth:. police rushing to the scene say they were prepared for an active shooter situation. >> thinking the suspects might still be in the school shooting. we found out after the fact that this incident did not happen inside the school but outside the school. elizabeth: four students three males and a female or shot in the parking lot. investigators now believe this was not random and one of the victims was targeted. police have not yet revealed a motive. in the meantime school officials say extra security and grief counselors will be on hand for students and doug: we have a major recall this afternoon. it involves fiat chrysler. recalling more than 86,000 trucks and cars in north america to fix a short-circuit in the alternators that could cause the engines to stall or even catch fire. the recall covers certain 2007 through 2013 ram 2500 and 3500 pickup trucks are it also 4500 and 5500 chassis cabs in some
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cars. the first class action lawsuit has been filed against samsung for those exploding galaxy no seven smartphones. the suit filed in new jersey seeks unspecified damages for forcing customers to keep paying their contracts during the time between the recall and when replacement phones were made available. samsung stop the production of all notes seven phones after batteries of several original and placement phones caught fire, injuring some people. firefighter is being credited with saving his own father's life. derek d responded to an emergency call about a person in cardiac arrest. it was not until he got in the fire truck that he got the address and he realized it was his own family calling for help. >> when you see your deadline on the ground and his face is blue and is not breathing. saying, come on, dad.
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neighbors who it just finished cpr training ran over to help. in the end it was derek who was able to shock his father back to life, saving him. that is amazing. you find out it's your own family member to have to do it. we are over here. [laughter] doug: we want to talk about how warm it is first. cindy: it's a beautiful view outside. i'm glad we back because this graphic behind me, this is this time it right now. it's a little warmer. doug: it's a little hot in here. cindy: the difference is the sunshine. it took us all day long to get to it yesterday around the boston area and points north. the blue sky up there now in these temperatures are still warm for this time of year. average high at the end of august is 79. we are sitting at 78 in boston. westerly wind, 13 miles per
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the way back to the west in the western part of the state so southwesterly wind on the cape. a frontal boundary in this vicinity. that front is the leading edge of a push of cooler air. 60's in syracuse. 50's in ottawa. that is the cool air working toward us. it takes until tonight before it gets here in earnest. we enjoy a warm afternoon for this time of year. all in the way of wet weather. struggles and hearts of central new england. these clouds are moving over the cape their progressive so they will keep moving out. the sky should brighten for you the rest of the afternoon. lower 70'sz. some cloud cover on the cape. 78 boston to the north shore in beverly. you're thinking will gain a few more degrees. i think we will hold steady. maybe gain one or two more. that westerly wind is bringing
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worcester area where it is 73 now and i think we will follow couple of degrees despite the sunshine as we head toward late afternoon. certainly once the sun goes down this evening with clear skies will hang on to those through the overnight. temperatures much chillier altidore tomorrow morning and what they were this morning. in the 60's this morning. 40's and 50's when you're heading out tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon it is going to be tough to sneak out of the lower 60's with that onshore wind. socked in with the clouds. a couple of showers toward the evening that a better chance getting wet weather on friday. this front looks like it's going to trap into -- tap-in to some tropical moisture and that will have us turn wet in the afternoon. that moisture is a broad area of low pressure centered in the southeast bahamas. bringing rain toward puerto rico. hurricane center getting it about an 80% chance of
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tto. in some that moisture may get thrown in and some of the rainfall later on friday. tomorrow morning we got the sunshine then come the clouds. showers by the evening and a couple of showers around on friday morning. it's as we get toward friday afternoon, there you see the rain moving in. it's going to stick with us and a friday night as well. the potential is there for if we can get some of that tropical worcester working in we may see more than an inch of rain in some areas behind the system it is definitely turning much cooler for the upcoming weekend. gusty wind as well. going to feel like fall. you will feel it this weekend.
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[indiscernible] >> hopefully not. antoinette: he smiled. doug: we are onto granddaughter number two. belichick was also asked on what the granddaughter would call him. he says he will keep that private. beautiful out temperatures are happening right now for the next hour and then we start to fall. gorgeous afternoon. cooler tomorrow to read showers around late and a better chance of wet weather on friday. the wind is going to pick up this weekend. temperatures may not get out of the 50's. antoinette: it is caramel apple
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>> welcome, everybody, to celebrity week, las vegas. today, we've got one of the biggest stars from the strip. ventriloquist, paul zerdin playing for his favorite charity. this guy's amazing so don't you move. >> hey, this sounds fun. from bally's las vegas, let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." hey, everybody, welcome to the show. it's celebrity week: las vegas on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic musical flourish] ? ? this is terrible. the rest of the show i have to speak for myself. today's first celebrity contestant is is a ventriloquist who has brought his hilarious brand of sharp-tongued characters to the las vegas strip for his show paul zerdin: mouthing off


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